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Ipoh, Perak - The City that Tin Built

Ipoh was built by miners and migrants - Cantonese and Hakka mining towkays and their coolies, Malay aristocrats and small rubber-holders, Sematran political refugees and journalists, European mining engineers and planters, Ceylonese pressmen and printers, Sinhalese jewellers, Tamil railway-builders and Chettiar money-lenders, Japanese photographers, American Methodist missionaries, South Indian Muslim food-seelers and petty-traders, Hokkien shopkeepers, French Catholic and Eurasian educationists......

By the early 20th century, Ipoh was a modern, well-planned town.  Station Road was the financial and professional centre of Perak.  Led by a progressive Kinta Sanitary Board, an active press, and sustained by an abundance of local pride, Ipoh sailed through periods of tin booms and busts.

In the 1930s, Ipoh Art Deco represented an architecture of confidence, mirroring an affluent society of motorists and movie-goers.  Those who made their wealth in the Kinta valley built grand mansions in the plush suburbs and sent their children to the best schools in Perak.

The Japanese Occupation brought devastation, and changed the course of history.  It was the Japanese who made Ipoh the capital of Perak.  The Emergency was accompanied by a period of political awakening.  In 1962, the Kinta Sanitary Board became the Municipality of Ipoh, and finally in 1988 the town of Ipoh become a City.

Ipoh, a pioneer tin-mining town in the 1870s, became the meeting point of rivers, roads and railway, and the commercial centre of the Kinta Valley, the largest tin-producing region in the world.....


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