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Sam Poh Tong


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These picturesque structures nestled within the high limestone caves and cavities located near Gunung Rapat are a sight to behold.

They are impressive works of art, with statues of Buddha in various forms among natural stalactities and rock formations

One can savour vegetarian food served here at the temples in peaceful surroundings amidst lotus ponds

Sam Poh Tong Temple    
  Sam Poh Tong, discovered in 1912, is a Chinese Buddhist Temple within a natural limestone hill.

Developed by the Buddhist community and now has become an international tourist spot attracting visitors from all over the world.

Among the main attractions there are a beautifully decorated pavillion in front of the temple and a landscaped garden with a fish pool, which was awarded " The Best Landscaped garden" in Malaysia 1993.
Other than that, statues of Buddha and other deities are placed inside for respective devotees to offer prayers.   A small pathway inside the cave leads to a tortoise pond where feeding is allowed if you purchase some "Kangkong" vegetables at the entrance.



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