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Kerian - Background & Economy

A simple Land, with simple folk & attractions that leave lasting impressions.

Smallest of Perak's nine districts, Kerian occupies an area of just 958 sq. km. in northern Perak, bordered by Pulau Pinang and Kedah.  It constitutes only 4.6% of the total area of Perak, with about 150,000 people comprising mainly agricultural folk, making up 7.9% of Perak's total population.  

Its landscape is almost all flat terrain and peat soil, with Bukit Merah, the highest point, rising to a mere 387 metres, in Mukim Gunung Semanggul.  Kerian's most famous fresh water stretch is Tasik Bukit Merah, a huge lake you'll find enticingly attractive, renowned for its fish and of late for its more popular Lake Town Resort.

On a whole, the District depends on agricultural activities for its economy. The main crop is padi which covers a total of 23,705 hectares. Padi growing goes a long way here, so it's not surprising that the Kerian District is the oldest rice bowl in Perak.

Palm oil is the second most important crop, and spans crop, and spans an area of 16,705 hectares.  Other activities that play a role in the economic development of Kerian are tourism, industry and fishery.


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