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Welcome to Manjung District ( Daerah Manjung ) - The Best Fun Times of Your Life!


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Your Manjung vocation will be unforgettable for so many exciting reasons.  There are place that offer you fascinating times and unique memories.   Pangkor islands give you a wealth of these apart from Pulau Pangkor Laut,  named as the second most popular island destination in the world by London-based travel magazine in 1999,  which is Malaysia's own Fantasy Island where fantasies do come true.

Go back in time at the historical Dutch Fort,  a  legacy of the first Europeans to set foot on Perak's shores.

Batu Bersurat will mystify you with its curious stone drawings while Pulau Sembilan's the place for great fishing.

Then,  there are idyllic,  breathtaking beach resorts for you to rest,  relax and have a wonderful time,  like the most popular Pasir Bogak,  as well as Pantai Puteri Dewi and Teluk Nipah,  with unpolluted clean seas,  smiling skies and fine sandy beaches.

When you finally leave,  Pangkor village has just the souvenirs you need to remember the great time you had.  The mainland of Manjung District has its fair share of attractions.  These include Lumut town with its own unique,  enticing places to visit.

Manjung is also famous for its "Venice of the East" attractions along the Dindings River.   

The Lumut Town Clock Tower and 8-meter high Windmill are other outstanding landmarks worth capturing on film while places with almost endless varieties of local fare take your  culinary pleasures even deeper.  And to remind you of your memorable moments,  there's the Souvenir Center with superbly handicrafted items for you to choose.  All these and more will ensure you holiday to be an unforgettable one.  

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