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White Water Rafting

More Thrilling Than A Roller Coaster!

Participants who take part in the Perak River Safari can enjoy the peace and tranquility of travel by water and at the same time examine the flora and fauna of the country in its pristine conditions.  They will also experience the traditional hospitable way of life and cultural presentations.

Travel downstream for 12 kilometres to the camp at Pulau Raya.  It is an island noted for the breeding of freshwater fish.  Bird watchers can have a field day 'picking out' the various species that stop-oer at this bird sanctuary before moving 18 km to the next camp.  The third camp is at Kampong Sayong Lembah.  It is the Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar.  Stop-over at this town to visit the Palace, Royal Museum and the oldest rubber-tree in the country.  A visit to the traditional pottery making (Labu Sayong) village is a must.  After travelling a distance of 22 kilometres we arrive at Pulau Tepus (an island).  Enjoy the panoramic view of the natural equatorial forest.  A favourite spot for anglers.  If you're lucky, you may see terrapins landing.

25 kilometres downstream and Pulau Cempaka Sari welcomes us.  Take the footbridge to Parit Town and experience the culture and traditional way of life andi f it is the fruit season, visit the many orchards (dusun).  The sixth camp is at Pulau Tiga. 22km from Cempaka Sari.  Visit the traditional handicraft centre.  Traditional drums (Rebana) are produced here. 

The Royal Mausoleum and Rumah Kutai (Traditional Malay house) are a must for the visitor.  When we arrive at the final camp, Pualu Semarak at Kg. Gajah, we are 95 kilometres from camp! 

 Visit the historical complex at Pasir Salak for a quick run through the history of the state.  Besides the places listed above participants will pass through several other towns and villages.  Each one has its unique attractions.

We hope that this River Safari along a historical stretch of the Perak River allow you to experience complete representation of the country's natural, cultural and traditional heritage at a leisurely pace.

Things to bring :
Long sleeve T-shirt, protective hat, drinking water, change of clothes, towel, slipper, sun block lotion, sun glasses, camera and thing that is appropriate for the occasion.

A definite adventure in Kuala Kangsar is the Perak River Safari.  As you cruise along the Perak River you will treated to the sight of the riverside villages and buffaloes, river terrapin and other inhabitants, birds and insects, tropical rain forests and a hosts of monkeys.

River Safaris are conducted by several experts who have reservation booths located along the Perak River at Jalan Tebing, Tepi Sungai.  A 25-minute ride to Kampung Jawang is followed by a 2 hours river cruise up to Chenderoh dam.  The activities that you can participate in at Kampung Jawang include bird watching, jungle trekking, rafting, floating and fishing.

You can even arrange to spend a night or two in an Orang Asli Village to get a feel of the lifestyle of the country's indigenous people.

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