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Scuba Diving - explore underwater world of Malaysia' s Islands

The seas around Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak are acknowledged to have some of the best diving spots.

The waters are cool enough to support a prolific underwater ecosystem of magnificent coral reefs, alga beds, sea turtles, and giant clams.

An equally impressive variety of bright fascinating tropical fishes give the underwater world a burst of rainbow colors.

The variety of fishes, corals, and shells found in these waters are said to outshine even those found in the Pacific Islands.

Picture blue sunny skies, emerald green waters, and tiny coral islands dotting the distant horizon; enchanting blue lagoons, secluded bays and coves guarding secrets within their encircling fold; shimmering emerald waters gradually darkening to deeper blue depths that beckons the unsuspecting diver.

Just below the glassy surface, magnificent coral reefs fringe the shoreline in a seemingly unending line. Within these reefs, lie an exciting underwater world with some of the most delicate corals in various shades of pastel.

The flower like Tubastrea and delicate sea fan are equally fascinating.  There is also the alyconarian, a magnificent study in pink- like glass art of a tree in full bloom.


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Further out in the deep blue depths are some of the larger species such as groupers, hammerhead sharks, Manta rays, and barracudas to name a few. If you are lucky, you may even chance upon the green and hawksbill turtle on their way to shore to nest amidst the soft warm sand.

For sheer beauty, Pulau Tioman is a magical spot, as is Redang Island.

Both locations boast coral reefs of breathtaking majesty, and divers can glide through underwater caves, rifts, and passages of brilliant scenery.

Of all the dive spots, there is one that stands on its own - Sipadan Island, off Sabah. With its deep waters, lush coral reefs, and vast array of deep ocean species, Sipadan was recognized as an underwater haven by none other than Jacques Cousteau, ocean explorer per excellence.

Another such beauty in Sabah is Pulau Layang-layang (Island of the Swallows). This island has great potential for ecotourism. 

Take note, however, that diving in this region is not recommended during the monsoon months of November to January, as the South China Sea can be rather rough.


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