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Mountain Climbing

Exhilarating and breathtaking sights

If you are willing to put in immense effort and expand bountiful energy reserves, then this is definitely your cup of tea. Although not noted as a country loaded with mountains, Malaysia does have a peak or two and a hill for everyone. 

For those of you who feel less energetic, a hike up a hill would be an excellent alternative.  Be it a mountain or a hill, you can be sure that with each ascent you make, you will be rewarded with exhilarating and breathtaking sights that span the spectrum of the imagination. 

For some climbs, such as that of the Gunung Tahan (Tahan Mountain), the starting point is at the very bottom of the mountain where you would encounter tricky rapids with lightning fast currents, traverse through dense, sweaty jungle and wade through waist-deep swamps teeming with hidden activity that might put off the squeamish. Make it through these obstacles and the peak awaits. It could be a relaxed, leisurely climb. It could also be a challenging, spectacular, even spine-tingling excursion, such as that to the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu. Adequate preparation is paramount for all climbs but experience is not a prerequisite as guides will be there to assist you.


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