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Background & Economy



The cradle of historic landmarks

Larut Matang was once a prosperous area in northern Perak.  Its boundaries stretch from Sungai Beruas to the south and Sungai Kerian to the north.  Larut Matang became prominent due to the discovery of tin ore in Klian Pauh in 1840 by a Malay chieftain, Long Jaafar.

Through his industrious efforts in successfully mining the ore, he was later awarded administrative power and the rights to mine tin ore over Klian Pauh.

Taiping played a significant role in the history of the Silver State and is thus the most famous and exciting oldest town in Perak.  Formerly known as Klian Pauh, it was renamed Taiping to commemorate the end of the Larut War in 1874.  With the signing of the Pangkor Treaty on the 20th. of January 1974, Taiping emerged as the major town in Perak.

Taiping comes from the Chinese word Tai-Peng which means ETERNAL PEACE.  And indeed with the decision of the British government to ma Taiping as their administration center, the once slow-paced town was transformed into a busy and developed town compared to others in that era.

Together with progress comes a string of historical firsts that has made Taiping into one of the well known town in Malaysia.


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