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Perak River Safari

An Adventure to The Historical Perak River

Here in Kuala Kangsar, an adventure with Nature awaits you. The Perak River Safari is a much tamer affair than the East African one. But then it is much cheaper, more comfortable, easily accessible and no less interesting. In East Africa, you are treated to the sight of lions, giraffe, buffaloes, gnus and the many animals and birds we have come to associate with that vast continent.

Along the Perak River you are treated to the sight of riverine villages, domestic buffaloes (much gentler than their African cousins), terrapin and other inhabitants, birds and insects, tropical rain forest that reach down to the water?s edge and agile monkeys playing catch-me-if-you-can in the forest cover. Malaysia?s river eco-system is open for your exploration. The eco-tourist will definitely experience an unforgetable adventure as the trip will be much cooler, less tiring and certainly much greener than East Africa?s.

River Safaris are conducted by several experts who have reservation booths along the Perak River at Jalan Tebing, Tepi Sungai. A 25-minutes ride to Jawang is followed by a two hour river cruise. The eco-tourist will be able to appreciate the rich diversity of a tropical rainforest. Do not be surprised that the fauna along the way share your curiosity. The crocodile that looks at you with its beady eyes may be wondering what you are doing in the boat instead of being in the water !

The activities in which you can participate in Jawang include bird watching, jungle trekking, rafting, canoeing, fishing and visits to limestone caves. You can even arrange to spend a few nights in an Orang Asli Village.

During the trip, participants will be taken on visits to royal gravesites, introduced to cottage and village industry, a terrapin-rearing centre, places of historical interest and traditional villages all along the banks of the Perak River. Among the other activities are fishing (with nest), bird-watching and for the luckier few, perhaps a chance to see river terrapins or tortoises laying eggs along the river banks.

Experience an exciting trip down Perak river


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