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Malay College ( Maktab Melayu ), Kuala Kangsar

Officially declared open in 1905, the original name of this college was the Malay Residential School and was allowed only to the children of the Royal family and those of higher ranking Malay dignitaries and officers of the Royal Court. 

The name "Maktab Melayu", or Malay College, was adopted by the school in 1909 and has remained unchanged since then.

Built in the classical architectural tradition that was so popular among the designers of the early colonial days of Malaya, the building displays grand columns, decorated pediments and other features typical of its neo-classical design.  Set amidst rolling green grounds, it has the atmosphere of an Enlist village setting.

During the Second World War when the Japanese occupied colonial Malay, the Malay College was turned into an administrative office for the Japanese Imperial Army.  People who were suspected to be against the Army were interrogated here and many subsequently beheaded.

Perak's elite centre of learning

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