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Indian Cuisine in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia


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Like the Malays, the Indians use their spices liberally. 

Indian food in Malaysia can be broadly classified under three categories - North Indian, South Indian and Indian Muslim.

Dishes prepared by North Indians make more subtle use of spices and yogurt, while South Indian food is blatantly spicy and hearty.

The Indian Muslims make up a sizable population here and over the years their dishes have been "Malaysianised" to suit local taste.  A popular Indian Muslim meal is Nasi Kandar.  Nasi is the Malay word for rice while kandar is a pole slung across the shoulders, and this was the way the meal used to be sold.

While the Chinese sometimes substitute their rice meal for noodles, bread is a popular alternative with the Indians.  They come in various forms and are eaten with a combination of lentil curries, spicy ladies fingers and aubergine, potato curries, piquant chutneys, and the ubiquitous pappadam.

Watching roti canai being made is a fascinating experience.  Balls of uncharacteristically elastic dough are flattened out, then picked up and whirled around a few times to stretch them out paper thin, then slapped down on an oiled iron griddle, folded and fried crisp.

A banana leaf meal is another not-to-be -missed experience.  You get as much rice as you want, and generous helpings of curry chicken, mutton or fish all heaped on a banana leaf instead of a plate.  Banana leaf rice is traditionally eaten with the fingers and the 'hot' meal is usually washed down with a glass of fresh yogurt.


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