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Chinese Cuisine in Ipoh, Perak


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In the preparation of the Chinese cuisine, each Chinese community has its own speciality, with the Hainanese being the most acclaimed, most notably for their preparation of Hainanese Chicken Rice.  

Cantonese and Hokkien dishes are considered more delicate and refined than a foochow meal, which is usually robust and presented in generous portions.

This is because Foochow food is traditionally meant for the hardy, rural community while Cantonese food is designed to appeal to city sophisticates.  Unlike Malay cuisine, there is greater emphasis on meat in Chinese cuisine.

A dish with chunks of meat is more highly valued than one which is vegetarian.  Almost every part of an animal. fowl or fish is cooked and savoured.

Noodles feature prominently and can be served in a variety of ways and a number of combinations.  The proper way to enjoy a Chinese meal is with chopsticks, although for the uninitiated, it may take a little while to learn the art.

Ipoh's chicken and bean sprout  dish known as "Nga Choy Kai" in Cantonese consists of steamed chicken and blanched bean sprout that comes with a bowl of flat rice noodles (koay-teow) in hot savoury soup.

While one may ask what's so special about these items, Ipoh  residents will testify that the bean sprouts there are different from anywhere else.  They say the beansprouts are bigger, juicier and crunchier.  It is said that this is due to the limestone water used in the cultivation of beansprouts.

Meanwhile, the flat rice noodles produced in Ipoh needs no introduction as it is also known far and wide to be extremely smooth in texture and is supposed to melt in the mouth.  As for the chicken, it is steamed well and sprinkled with soya sauce, Chinese pepper and seasame oil for aroma.



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