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Bersia Grazing Reserve, Hulu Perak


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The Bersia Grazing Reserve, which is run by farmers from Kampung Bersia, offers the exciting opportunity to live in a traditional farmer's "pondok", surrounded by tropical virgin, cattle grazing reserve and the dammed-up Sungai Perak.

The relatively unknown and untraversed area of Gerik with its serene surroundings tropical rainforest, rivers salt licks, fish spawining grounds and flora and fauna await and welcome all adventurous tourists and nature lovers.

The Bersia Grazing Reserve which has an area of 300 hectares can only be reached by boat from Kg. Bersia which is 15 km from Gerik along the East West Highway.

From the put-in point in Kg. Bersia a 30 minute leisure boat ride along the dammed-up Perak River will take you to the Grazing Reserve in the west.

The Grazing Reserve is situated on the rolling hills of the left bank of the Perak River dammed-up by the Temenggor Dam in the east and the Bersia Dam in the west.

Farm activities include the feeding of cattle in the day and rounding up of cattle in the evening.

Visitors can assist with the farmers in rounding up and head counting cattle in the evening as the animals need to be brought back to the night yard daily.

Visitors can either fish along the compound or go night fishing with the farmers.

Also included is another activity called "laying of the pukat" in the evening and "drawing in the pukat" in the morning.

During spawning season, (Aug-Sept) visitors will be taken to specific spawning areas to see thousands of fish fighting the current to spawn.  (Spawning days lasts for only a day or two after heavy rain during the month of August and September).  

There are several salt licks within the vicinity of the Grazing Reserve.  Visitors can try their luck to wait and see wild animals such as elephants, tapir, seladang, kijang or pelanduk in their natural habitat around the salt lick.

Jungle trekking through the rain forest is an experience not to be missed for the more adventurous visitors.  Experienced guides will take visitors through the jungle to an enchanting stream of clean clear water.

There are two Orang Asli villages, within 20 minutes boat ride from the Grazing Reserve.  Visitors will be taken to one of the villages to witness their way of life and farming methods.


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The Grazing Reserve provides overnight facilities with four hostels that can accommodate 40 people at one time.  The hostel is constructed split jungle rollers, weaved bamboo walls and bertam roofing.  It is very airy, cooling and spartan with clean toilets and bathroom facilities.  A complete package of either 1 night or 2 night stay is offered to visitors.

How To Get There
A bus service is available from Kuala Lumpur to Gerik.  From Gerik visitors can proceed by bus to Kg. Bersia and then by boat to the Grazing Reserve.

Information and Reservation
Please contact:
Assistant Veterinary Officer
Department of Veterinary Services Gerik
Tel: +605 - 791 2131 / 545 725




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