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Belum Valley Rain Forest Bersia Grazing Reserve Tasik Raban Gunung Kenderong Puncak Baring

Belum Valley Rain Forest, Hulu Perak


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Belum Valley, located in the northern region of Perak State is bristling with fauna and flora, a rich natural heritage.

This remote area of Perak was once the battlefield between the Malaysian security forces and communist bandits.

Known as the Bamboo Trail, an infiltration route for the communist terrorist into Malaysia, the trail passes through secondary forest, bamboo forest and lowland primary jungles.

Virtually untouched by mankind and with the lifting of the curfew in 1991, Belum is slowly exposing it's well kept secrets to the outside world.

There are various activities that the adventurous can enjoy here.

This valley boasts of a river safari along Sara River where it passes by numerous islands that were once hilltops.

Trek through different jungle foliage where animals such as tigers and deers can be seen.

A waterfall, called the Terhong Cascades along Sara River, is definitely a cool place to enjoy the pristine jungle as you relax in its cool and clear waters.

Wildlife in Belum is difficult to be seen due to the density of the vegetation and the animals' shy tendency.

When in season, the Rafflesia flower, the largest flower in the world will be in full bloom.  This rare Rafflesia takes months to develop into a beauty, but dies only after a few days.

The Orang Asli, natives of the jungle, still rely on the jungle to sustain their lifestyle.  Although friendly and simple people, they are shy by nature. Having lived in the jungle their vast knowledge have enable them to practically live-off the land.


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