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Teluk Intan


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Teluk Intan is the largest town in Hilir Perak district and third largest town in the state of Perak with estimated population of 100,000.

Prior to the colonial era, the town (then a small village more well known as a trading post for tin ore) was called Teluk Mak Intan

The name, however, was changed to Teluk Anson ( Anson Bay ) by Sir Hugh Low, the 3rd. British Resident of Perak's colonial past, as an honour to Sir General Archibald Anson, who was called upon by the British Crown to plan the area and develop the town.

Teluk Anson was renamed Teluk Intan ( Diamond Bay ) in 1982.

It was through this exercise that many of the colonial and pre-war buildings of Teluk Intan were constructed.

As the main administrative centre for the entire Hilir Perak area, Teluk Intan is naturally the hub of activities for the district.  The town is also the main supply centre for the district, and here you will find everything from grocers, traders and small businessmen of all types selling from rattan products to fresh pineapples.

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