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How to Get There


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By Road
Malaysia's well-developed road system and highway networks make it easy and convenient for visitors to go to Batang Padang District.  The North-South Highway provides several exits to the major towns of Batang Padang.

Bus / Coach Services
These services are readily available at all cities and major towns in Malaysia.

Outstation taxis are also readily available from the cities and bigger towns.  Visitors may charter a taxi and special arrangements may be made with the driver for a tour to all the places of interest within the district.

Kuala Lumpur 03 - 238 3525 / 230 2275
Penang 04 - 229 0501 / 323 2045
Ipoh 05 - 241 2189 / 254 0282


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Rail & Air
Visitors intending to visit the area by means of these modes of transport should first make their way to the airport or railway station in Ipoh, the state capital of Perak.  From here, the various places of interest within Batang Padang District should be accessible by local busses and taxis.  

Useful telephone numbers for Malaysia Airlines System are:

Kuala Lumpur 03 - 746 3572 / 746 3000 
Ipoh 05 - 312 2459 / 241 4155

For KTM rail services, contact:

Kuala Lumpur 03 - 2274 9422 / 2274 7435
Ipoh 05 - 312 2459 / 241 4155






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