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Tapah is the administrative town of the Batang Padang district, Perak.

There is an entrance to the North-South Expressway at Tapah.

This town is also widely considered as the main entry point into the old Cameron Highlands route, which is a winding and narrow road uphill.

The Lata Kinjang waterfall is about 18 km from Tapah on the road to Cameron Highlands.

It is an impressive series of cascades down a 100 m drop. The falls can be seen from the North-South Expressway.

During the reign of Sultan Mukaddam Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Mansor Shah, a man of high social prominence originating from the Siak distriott established the beginnings of a kampung along the banks of a river tributary at the bay surrounding the mouth of the Batang Padang River.

This "Dato" was bestowed with the honorific title of "Tok Tua Sakti" ( a much respected title of the olden days in recognition of special abilities or accomplishment ) for his advisorial role in the safe and successful arrival of the Princess Limau Purut from Acheh in Indonesia.  In those days of yore, cock-fighting was a common and highly popular form of entertainment, involving wagers and bets between and amongst the audience, whose members hailed from commoners right up to the princess of court.

Legend has it that in one such cock-fight, the good Dato lost a big wager, resulting in the necessity for him to surrender his kampung to the winner.  On that night, the Dato had a dream in which it was revealed to him that the next morning, a Tapah fish by the size of a human being would be stranded on the sands of the river confluence at Kuala Tapah, and within the belly of  this fish would be found several pieces of gold which would be of great use in ridding the Dato of his debt. In order to retrieve the gold, the Dato was to use a knife of split bamboo, while a needle and thread made from the stiff midrib of lalang grass and fibre from the enau palm respectively were to be used to stitch back the opened belly of the fish.

It is said that the dream turned out to be an accurate premonition and that the fish did bear the gold that saved the Dato's property. Consequently, the Tapah fish was consecrated and a taboo against hatching or eating it was declared by the Dato, for himself, his family and all his descendants to come.

The name of Tapah town derives from this remarkable legend and the fateful happenings at Kuala Tapah, making the good Dato and his family the ancestral forerunners of Tapah.


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