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To many Malaysians, the town of Bidor is to be remembered for the crunchy and juicy guava produced by the numerous orchards in and around the town area.

Road travelers now have to exit off the main North-South Highway in order to savour the juicy wonders of this guava, which used to be available just off the road.

The area is just as noted for the petai it produces, a kind of bean in a thick, green beaded pod.  Known for its supposed kidney-cleansing properties and equally infamous for its unique taste and strong smell, it is available in plentiful supply here when in season.

Apart from its natural attractions, Bidor also boasts the only golf course available in the entire district of Batang Padang.  Batang Padang Golf Club, Bidor has nine holes, and is popular with both the locals and visitors from nearby and surrounding towns in the district.


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