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Background & Economy of Batang Padang


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One of Malaysia's Foremost Agricultural Wonderlands

One of the larger district in the state of Perak, the Batang Padang area covers a total of approximately 271,200 hectares of green and beautiful rural countryside, occupying almost 13 per cent of the total area of the entire state.

The District of Batang Padang has a population of approximately 177,000 people, mainly rural farmers and villagers spread out over the six territorial subdivisions or 'mukims' which together form the Batang Padang district proper.

Geographically, Batang Padang is centrally located within the state of Perak, being bordered in the north by the Kinta District of Perak, to the south by Kuala Selangor District of Selangor State, to the east by the Cameron Highlands District of Pahang and to the west by Hilir Perak and parts of Perak Tengah.  Less than one per cent of the total land area of the Batang Padang District may be considered urban, with most of the land being either villages, cultivated plantation on farmlands, while the rest is forested.  

The economy is largely agricultural based with rubber and oil palm as the main crops.  About half of the total area of this district is covered with forest known for its forest produce such as rattan, bamboo, 'damar' and 'petai'.  Batang Padang is fast developing into a growth area.  This will be realised with the development of Tanjung Malim as the centre for producing automobiles in this country.


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